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Services We Provide

Maintaining and restoring Teak wood is the very heart of our business. The majority of our work is servicing teak patio furniture at your place of business, home or on-board your ocean cruiser. We have experience and knowledge with exotic hardwoods that expands beyond Teak. Our expertise with exotic hardwoods include:

  • Burl
  • Bubinga
  • Cumaru
  • Ipe
  • Peggy Cypress
  • Teak

We have taken our knowledge and lengthy experience to formulate and produce a proprietary 12 step process for restorations and hardwood maintenance. Some other applications we utilize this process on, outside of patio furniture include:

  • Gazebos & Pergolas
  • Ipe Decks
  • High gloss Yacht finishes
  • Antiques & interior furniture

Being in business for over a decade, we have performed a lot of work on veneers, laminates and also provided repairs on high-end furniture. Some of the common repairs we have faced include:

  • Chips, scratches, dents or missing material
  • Broken spindles or legs
  • Discoloration/ stain removal
  • Wobbly bases or tables
  • Stripped out screws or fasteners
  • Loose seams or corners with gaps
  • Stool and chair repair
  • Wood accent matching and repair

Please contact us if you have a special repair or need. We will take this request to our craftsman and get back to you with a solution or response


Wood Swatches

Always staying up to date with design trends and international decor, see some of our standard wood colors including: Dark Oak, Natural, Mahogany, Pickling, Teak, Weathered.

Finish options include matte, satin, gloss, yacht and more.

Color Swatches

We provide a high-end durable product for customers who want a solid color finish. The sample colors below are just a few of the options available, please contact us if you have a custom color or request.